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Welcome to Klaksvík

Klaksvík is the capital of The Northern Islands and has all the facilities you expect to find in a town. It offers culture and leisure.

Klaksvík - situated around a very well-protected bay - is the main fishing port on the Faroe Islands. The town is very important for Faroese industry and economy. 

The first settlement at Klaksvík dates back to Viking times, but it was not before the 20th century that the district merged to form a large, modern Faroese town that became the cultural and commercial centre for the Northern Isles and the Faroe Islands as a whole.

From the days of old Klaksvík has been and still is the centre of the Northern Isles, often referred to as their "mother". People there are enterprising, appreciative of nature and are deeply rooted in the Faroe cultural heritage, which together has developed the town into something unique.

In spite of its relatively limited size the town has a special atmosphere and appearance inspiring a tangible feeling of wellbeing and contentment.

With the opening of the Leirvík sub sea tunnel, Klaksvík is physically linked with the mainland of the Faroe Islands and can now be considered one of its key ports. Several developments are under way to exploit this symbiosis, including a new industrial park located by the tunnel entrance.



well sheltered by high mountains on all sides

The tourist information centre in Norðoyggjum - Tingstøðin - 700 Klaksvík - tel +298 45 69 39 - fax +298 45 65 86 - infoklaksvik.fo
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