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Welcome to The Northern Islands

The "Northern Isles" is a term used to describe the six islands of Fugloy, Svínoy, Viðoy, Borðoy, Kunoy and Kalsoy, which makes up the north eastern corner of the Faroe Islands.

These six islands are very different and each has its own distinctive character. Together they make up a unit around the main town of Klaksvík. Here you will find a dramatic countryside, idyllic villages and a people who live in close connection with the beautiful, yet dangerous ocean.

The Northern Islands have a lot to offer the visitors. We have history, culture, nature, as well as dynamic trades and industries.

We can offer:

  • Information we can help you with any information you need about our area. First of all anything concerning tourism: accommodation, excursions, activities, weather, food and restaurants.
  • Service to all groups and individuals visiting our area, when planning and while they are here.
  • Excursions by bus, boat or hiking. We arrange some excursions ourselves and are selling others.
  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Planning also for individuals, we can make a travel plan within minutes to those seeking advice during their stay.
  • We are your safety-net if you come to the Faroes, you can always get help from us if needed
Successful experiments with new fish pump
In connection with the increased level of mackerel fishing in the Faroe Islands this year, some fishing vessels have trialled a new type of fish pump, which allows them to pump fish more quickly from the trawl into the shipload. The purpose of this innovation is to increase the quality of the fish, and based on the results of the first period of trials, it appears that this is working very well.

Ólavsøka - National Day
Highlights from the program for Ólavsøka 2012 can be seen here in English

Great excursion opportunity Sunday the 3th of June 2012
When the weather is right it is possible to travel to Stóra Dímun from Torshavn.

Faroese evening at 62N airport hotel in Sørvágur
This summer there will be Faroese evening at 62N airport hotel Tuesday evening from pm. 18:00 to 21:00. Date of 26th June; 03.juli; ??10.juli; ??17 July and 24 July. Big faroese Buffet and exhibition of faroese dance

A world-class swimmer
When the continental competition between Europe and USA took place just before Christmas, the Faroese swimmer, Pál Joensen, not only won the gold medal but also set a new Nordic record in 800 metres freestyle with the time 7:36.24. This is an outstanding achievement when taking into consideration that 800 metres is not Joensen's favourite discipline.

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